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Comic 53 - ACOS#4 You suffer what you drink

ACOS#4 You suffer what you drink
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24th Aug 2018, 12:36 AM
The bus was very rocky. I had cold tea before jumping on, and did not think to visit a WC.

Never do this.

Also, the passenger next to me was a girl - woman - female - unmale - whatever term, and I tried to draw her, but I did not see her face enough, being preoccupied with my phone and bags at the time. So I drew in Dwilla, from xianyu118 and Fount's 'The Ennaran Cycles', which all of you should read kthnxbai



This is something I will probably never experience or at least not so soon.
I mean this country is small and you basically have everything in the capital city so there is not much reason to venture beyond it when it comes to work or school. Hell, people from other cities have to. So only in that case.
But I am already there :D

You should have talked to h--

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Jak what
Yeh, I'm pretty much in their situation. My home is down South, and the place I study is up north, and there is no train service from the capital to this state so we're stuck with buses and occasionally terrible roads.
Them up north, especially in Ipoh, have a train service and I am so mad. Although with the quality of things in Malaysia and me being spoilt by European trains, I expect it to be frustrating.

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Sorry, I had a dumb typo there.

And you should have talked to her...

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