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Comic 56 - ACOS#7 Irene

ACOS#7 Irene
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24th Aug 2018, 12:36 AM
Whoo, Irene. She is one of my favorite original characters (I tell a lie, I love all of them even Sergei trash kid that he is) because well, she's Irene.

Irene's meta origins are a bit odd, to be honest. She was first known as Irene Nesser (Millenium Trilogy), and was based off the painting known as The Son Of Man (which explain her horse like tendencies). This throwaway sketch had a concept too good to be let go, so I developed her from the base of Irene Nesser.

And as with any good creation, she began to reveal details of herself. She turned out to be someone of African descent, and her names were shamelessly borrowed from a finance minister or something. And despite what everyone says, she's actually fine with being an office worker; regularity is nice. It's just that there are bad days and there are good days.

She also doesn't wear a suit all the time. It just makes it easier for her to weave her charms and spells since the most notable Surrealist paintings have men in suits. Most of the time she wears comfortable casual clothing.

Also, she discovered her powers while fooling about in her friend's studio.



Damn son!
Another female character? Cool :D
You have so many and so varied!

I guess she is almost like a super hero.
Working like an absolutely normal person in an office but then being someone else elsewhere.
Well, in that case, we are all like super heroes.

24th Oct 2015, 7:40 PM edit delete reply

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