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Comic 60 - ACOS #11 Exams.

ACOS #11 Exams.
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24th Aug 2018, 12:36 AM
Oh, R. You bastard.

Also, someone has commented on my tendency for getting abused by my characters. Coughthanatoscough.

Yea, exams are over and done with! I finished AS Level exams, now to wait for the A2 exams and study in the interim!

I'm planning to take an entire year off after A Levels. Maybe I'll go to Spain and take the Camino. I will also take the time to learn how to cook!
Actually, screw that. It's not going to be an entire year, it'll be more like six months.



So R is a sneaky prankster.
Good to know!

Yeah. I know how that feels. It feels like... nothing when you realize the fun lasts like two weeks and then you are back to doing stuff for people just not exams.
Ba dum tss :/

Dedicate the year to food!

8th Jun 2016, 5:37 PM edit delete reply

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