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Comic 62 - ACOS #13 Motivational Mafia

ACOS #13 Motivational Mafia
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24th Aug 2018, 12:36 AM
Terrence Delacroix has become my favorite character to draw for some reason. He was originally my character in Saints Row and in a few conversations with the person who introduced me to the series it spiralled from there.

He eventually became a Sino-French Triad leader, who occasionally disappears from the public scene and resurfaces in America to work as a fixer, or hitman. He's very touchy about his heritage, and if someone tells him that he's French or tainted, he will cut someone. Painfully.

I'm not sure if he occasionally does the dirty work of the Emperor of China. He might do so.



You know, I noticed the machine gun closet. I think the crowbar is still the better option :/

Dat face combined with SLACKER and "okay" tho ... :(

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