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Comic 64 - Filler - R. in a hoodie.

Filler - R. in a hoodie.
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24th Aug 2018, 12:36 AM
Have some filler art, I guess.

I uploaded the comic onto Scribbles, but it won't make an appearance yet. Cue the regret of terrible organisation - I dumped the scan into the ACOS folder.

I never really draw R. in outfits other than vests and trenchcoats, but he looks really nice in a hoodie. The hoodie's a piece of easily available merchandise, but the symbol only appears on people with a connection to the Guild. Not familial relationships, just people with a high enough clearance and ability - in case something attacks. It can be turned off, but in situations that demand attention, it will shine brightly to alert people that there IS someone who will have to do the work so that they can just get out of the way.



A cool tracking device sold as merchandise. Heh.
Alert device.

Actually, that would be cool. Like a better version of reflective stuff you need when you are biking or such. Hm.

Someone or something injured his leg though D:

24th Sep 2016, 11:15 PM edit delete reply

Well no one's going to fight flawlessly without getting a scratch, we can't all be Bayonetta

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