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Comic 65 - ACOS#15 Hair

ACOS#15 Hair
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24th Aug 2018, 12:36 AM
That's my costume done with, I'm going as Cousin It



Not that you can anyway.
Covering YOUR face is especially illegal for well known reasons ;>

15th Oct 2016, 5:25 AM edit delete reply

This is infringing on my rights as an Islamic woman who has devoted her life to Allah

Okay let's not go there

15th Oct 2016, 9:03 AM edit delete reply

Holy Maria in Heaven.

16th Oct 2016, 4:08 AM edit delete reply

I'm okay with the events that are unfolding currently.

That's okay, things are going to be okay.

17th Oct 2016, 6:25 PM edit delete reply

Everyone can understand the extent of my personal space bubble now

17th Oct 2016, 6:37 PM edit delete reply

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